Our Eco Club


We The Eco members and Mrs Coleman each have our own responsibilities. As well as the whole school having to recycle paper and turn off lights, taps and other things, we do a lot of eco jobs such as:


  • Growing vegetables and fruit in our school garden.
  • Going on litter walks and picks.
  • Making eco raps, poems and songs to encourage others to be eco friendly.
  • Walking or biking to school.
  • Inviting an inspector to inspect out heating.
  • Trying to save as much energy and water as possible.
  • Making leaflets to tell people to stop littering on our school field.
  •  Using Recycled materials to create a litter fashion show.
  •  Throwing away our rubbish carefully and responsibly.
  • Looking after wildlife.
  • Writing letters to the local council to report the dangerous objects within our school grounds.


We also try and look after ourselves and encourage others to do so by:

  • Having ‘No Crisps Wednesdays’ and ‘Fruity Friday’.


  • Finding out about healthy eating and encouraging healthy lunches.
Writen by Year 6 Eco members