Our Staff

  • Mr A Corcoran NPQH BA QTS ( Hons)

    Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead, Finance, T&L, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Mrs Riley

    Deputy Head, Year 5 Teacher, English Subject Leader, Gifted and Talented, MFL

 School Office
  • Mrs Raine

    School Administrator

  • Mr McCarthy

    School Finance Officer / Administrator

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
  • Mrs Coleman

    SENCo, Teacher, PSHE Coordinator, Technology, ECO, RRS

  • Miss Lee

    Teacher, F2 Coordinator, EAL

  • Miss Clay

    Teaching Assistant

Year 1
  • Miss Wade

    Teacher, History / Geography Subject Leader

  • Miss Annakin

    Teacher, PE Subject Leader

  • Miss Latham

    Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Assistant, Cleaner

Year 2
  • Mrs Kirk

    Teacher, Science Subject Leader

  • Mrs Pughe

    Teacher, Music Subject Leader, PPA Cover

  • Mrs Williams

    Teaching Assistant, Orrets Meadow, Student Support

 Year 3
  • Mrs McCarthy

    Teacher, Computing / IT Subject Leader

  • Mrs Plumb

    Teaching Assistant

Year 4
  • Mrs Hampshire

    Teacher, Art / DT Subject Leader, AFL

  • Mrs Bruce

    Teaching Assistant

Year 5
  • Mrs Riley

    Deputy Head, Teacher, English Subject Leader, Gifted and Talented, MFL

  • Mrs Millward

    Teaching Assistant

Year 6
  • Miss Platt

    Teacher, Mathematics Subject Leader, School Council. RRS Lead

  • Miss Davies

    Teaching Assistant, Supports Computing Curriculum

Caretaker and Cleaners
  • Mr Melvin


Kitchen Staff
  • Mrs Howey

    Next in line

  • Mrs Neale

Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Mrs Howey


  • Mrs Relph

    Cook in charge

Our Amazing Volunteers
  • Mrs Cullender

    Crafts during Golden Time, Booster Maths Upper KS2

A big thank you to our iKids for their assistance in creating this page. They had great fun creating our staff avatars.
  • Mrs Weir

  • Mrs Burns

  • Miss Hayes