School Council

 Who are we?


Our school council is made up of 2 pupils from each class, from year 1 to year 6, who put their classmates views forward in meetings which are held every couple of months.

School Councillors get voted in by their class mates. The people who want to be School Council stand up and say why they want to be a School Councillor and what they would do if they were in our School Council. When everyone has said their piece the rest of their class will vote.



What we have done


We have already done a lot of things to help Castleway pupils get things that they think would make the school better.


We have:


  • helped make pupils feel better getting to the school office.
  •  We helped the school governors put together a pupil survey about where in the school we feel safe. The car park was 1 of the things that most pupils didn’t like, so our school governors took action, they had a path way with fencing laid that makes us feel safer when we need to use the main  office entrance to school.
  •  more PE equipment.
  • organised the dinner times at the request of pupils.


Time tables for going into dinner where changed because pupils felt that the way it had been timetabled was unfair and packed lunches and hot dinners now sit together to eat because that’s what pupils said they wanted

 We asked for some new playground equipment, pupils were asking for some other things to do rather than just play football. Which we got, as well as some new things for the little playground.

 Written by our year 6 school council members.