School Uniform

Castleway Primary School Uniform List


White polo shirt (school logo is optional)

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (school logo is optional)

Charcoal grey trousers, skirt or pinafore

Black waterproof shoes or plain black trainers with no visible branding

(Velcro fasteners are preferred for children in F2 and Y1)

Black, navy, white or grey tights

Black, navy, grey or white socks


Summer Variation (after Easter holiday)

Blue gingham summer dress (children in F2 and Y1 are advised to avoid ‘playsuit’ style summer dresses)

Charcoal grey short trousers

Hair Accessories (all children)

Small, simple bobble and/or headband

(Please be aware that large or overly decorative headbands or accessories are not to be worn)

Indoor PE Kit (all children)

Plain white round neck t-shirt (school logo is optional)

Plain black shorts

Suitable trainers for sport

Outdoor PE Kit (all children)

Plain white round neck t-shirt

Plain black zipped hooded top

Plain black jogging bottoms

Suitable trainers for school sport (these can be your child’s usual trainers, there is no expectation for parents to buy an additional pair of trainers for school sport)