At Castleway our computing education aims to equip our pupils with an understanding of Computer Science that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way in order to flourish in the 21st century Computer Science is at the core of the curriculum, teaching pupils the principles of information and how digital systems work and being able to apply this to programming. We intend to teach children how to analyse, order and solve problems which will provide pupils with the skills to become digitally literate. Computing provides a wealth of learning opportunities as it is woven throughout many subjects; including Mathematics, Science and Design Technology.

Coding is an important part of our computing experience at Castleway and our children begin to experience coding on and offline in EYFS. We use 2code and Scratch to develop our coding skills.

As Computer Scientists, children gain key knowledge and skills in the three main area of the computing curriculum: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. We use technology to support learning across the entire curriculum and ensure it is accessible to all.

Our whole school approach to E-safety helps to ensure children are taught how to stay safe online -both in and outside of school. It is an essential aspect of the curriculum as it equips pupils with the skills to fully utilise the internet and technology in a safe and respectful way. We address the principles of online safety and teach them in an age appropriate way. We encourage pupils to ask questions, seek advice and raise concerns about the fast-growing internet. It is an exciting time for children, but it also creates challenges and dangers. It is our duty to teach pupils how to conduct themselves in a respectable manner online. These behavioural skills should replicate positives ones that are taught offline. Pupils will have the skills to analyse why people behave differently online, access intensified online emotions and consider unacceptable online behaviour.

With the rapidly changing world of technology, we see these skills fundamental in building confident and creative independent learners who can safely use technology.

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We are a Federation of 2 schools: In September 2022, Castleway Nursery School joined Castleway Primary School on the same site after significant refurbishment works from the Local Authority.