Who are we?

Castleway Primary School - Unity Federation Leadership & Admin Team


Name: Mr. Stuart Mycroft

Role: Executive Headteacher

Miss G Dalby - Deputy Headteacher.jpg

Name: Miss Georgi Dalby

Role: Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J McCarthy - Assistant Headteacher  Inclusion.jpg

Name: Mrs. Joan McCarthy

Role: Assistant Headteacher (SEND, Inclusion, Attendance & Safeguarding)

Mrs A Morris - Assistant Headteacher  Early Years amp Nursery School.jpg

Name: Mrs. Amy Morris

Role: Assistant Headteacher (Early Years & Nursery School Lead)

Mrs K Kay - Business Manager.jpg

Name: Mrs. Kathy Kay

Role: Federation Business Manager

Miss L McDonough - Community Advocate.jpg

Name: Miss Lyndsey McDonough

Role: Community Advocate


Name: Mrs. Christine Raine

Role: Admin & Finance

Mrs. B. Cavangah.jpeg

Name: Mrs. Barb Cavanagh

Role: Admin & Finance

Castleway Primary School - Teaching and Learning Team

Mr S Smith - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mr. Simon Smith

Role: Teacher - F2

Mrs L Clay - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Liz Clay

Role: Teaching Assistant - F2

Mrs S Ellina - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Sarah Ellina

Role: Teaching Assistant - F2

Miss G Dalby - Deputy Headteacher.jpg

Name: Miss Georgi Dalby

Role: Teacher - Y1

Mrs K Kirk - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mrs. Katie Kirk

Role: Teacher - Y1

Mrs K Williams - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mrs. Kerry Williams

Role: Teacher - Y2

Mrs V Bell - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Vivien Bell

Role: Teaching Assistant - Y2

CastlewayNew LogoWhiteBackground.png

Name: Miss Rachel Lowe

Role: Teaching Assistant - Y2

Mrs S Smith - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mrs. Sophie Smith

Role: Teacher - Y3


Name: Miss Stefanie Monaghan

Role: Support Teacher - Y3

Mr P Smith - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mr. Phil Smith

Role: Teacher - Y4

Mrs L Bruce - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Lynn Bruce

Role: Teaching Assistant - Y4

Mrs J Crone - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mrs. Jo Crone

Role: Teacher - Y5


Name: Mrs. Jenny Rowland

Role: Support Teacher - Y5

Mr G Kenningham - Teacher.jpg

Name: Mr. Gary Kenningham

Role: Teacher - Y6

Mr L Jones - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mr. Lewis Jones

Role: Teaching Assistant

Mr J Davies - Sports Coach.jpeg

Name: Mr. Joey Davies

Role: Sports Coach

The Unity Federation - Kitchen Team

Mrs M Ralph - Cook in Charge.jpg

Name: Mrs. Mel Ralph

Role: Cook in Charge

Mrs K Calcott - Kitchen Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Katie Calcott

Role: Kitchen Assistant

Unity Logo.png

Name: Mrs. Jean Price

Role: Kitchen Assistant

The Unity Federation - Site Team

Unity Logo.png

Name: Mr. Mark Banks

Role: Caretaker

Miss S Ashton - Midday Assistant and Cleaner.jpg

Name: Miss Stephanie Ashton

Role: Cleaner

Mrs K Melvin - Cleaner.jpg

Name: Mrs. Kate Melvin

Role: Cleaner



Castleway North,
Wirral, CH46 1RN


Mrs. K. Kay Business Manager



Mrs. J. McCarthy SENDCo


We are a Federation of 2 schools: In September 2022, Castleway Nursery School joined Castleway Primary School on the same site after significant refurbishment works from the Local Authority.