Religious Education

At Castleway, we aim to deliver a rich and exciting curriculum where all children will have the opportunity to investigate and reflect on the fundamental questions in life. We encourage children to reflect on their own experiences and to develop a personal response to these questions. We want them to understand how the values and beliefs of different people and communities shape our modern world. We believe it is a fundamental part of our children’s education to explore the religions of the world in a vibrant and dynamic way. We want our children to have respect for other people and celebrate diversity through understanding similarities and respecting differences

We follow the 2019 Wirral Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and Worldviews, which aims to enable all children to learn about religion in order to learn from religion. Therefore, we encourage enquiry based learning and cross-curricular links wherever possible.

We work in partnership with local community groups and places of worship to give our children first hand experiences that will enhance their understanding of the world we live in and promote respect for others.  Here are some examples of what we do throughout the year and what RE looks like at Castleway Primary School.

Visits to places of worship.

Visitors from different faith groups leading assemblies and workshops.

Assemblies that include stories and festivals from different religions and non-religious traditions to promote values or a moral message.

At Castleway Primary, the impact of our RE curriculum is to develop an enthusiastic learner, ready to tackle the ultimate questions of beliefs and values in the modern world. The children will have the necessary skills to reflect on questions of meaning, offering their own opinions and listening to others. They will have a developing knowledge of world religions, secular world-views, religious symbolism and a religious vocabulary to support their learning.

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We are a Federation of 2 schools: In September 2022, Castleway Nursery School joined Castleway Primary School on the same site after significant refurbishment works from the Local Authority.