Who are we?

Castleway Nursery School is a proud to be one of three Maintained Nursery Schools on the Wirral.

In September 2020 (whilst known as Leasowe Nursery School & Family Centre) we federated with Castleway Primary School to become The Unity Federation. In October 2021, Mr. Mycroft became Headteacher of the Nursery School alongside the Primary School. As part of an exciting co-location and significant refurbishment project, we changed our name when we moved to our new site in September 2022 to co-locate with Castleway Primary School.

As a Maintained Nursery School, we're proud to be at the heart of our community and our co-location with Castleway Primary has only strengthened the work that we do.

Our school motto is a simple one: 'Be kind. Be confident. Be your best.'

We are kind. We are confident. We are our best selves. We are Castleway.

Castleway Nursery School - Unity Federation Leadership & Admin Team


Name: Mr. Stuart Mycroft

Role: Executive Headteacher

Miss G Dalby - Deputy Headteacher.jpg

Name: Miss Georgi Dalby

Role: Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Morris - Assistant Headteacher  Early Years amp Nursery School.jpg

Name: Mrs. Amy Morris

Role: Assistant Headteacher (Nursery School & Early Years Lead)

Mrs J McCarthy - Assistant Headteacher  Inclusion.jpg

Name: Mrs. Joan McCarthy

Role: Assistant Headteacher (SEND, Inclusion, Attendance & Safeguarding)

Mrs K Kay - Finance Business and Admin Support.jpg

Name: Mrs. Kathy Kay

Role: Federation Business Manager

Miss L McDonough - Community Advocate.jpg

Name: Miss Lyndsey McDonough

Role: Community Advocate


Name: Mrs. Christine Raine

Role: Finance & Admin

Mrs. B. Cavangah.jpeg

Name: Mrs. Barb Cavanagh

Role: Finance & Admin

Castleway Nursery School - Teaching & Learning Team

Mrs A Morris - Assistant Headteacher  Early Years amp Nursery School.jpg

Name: Mrs. Amy Morris

Role: Nursery Teacher (AHT)

Miss S Bonner - Teacher Trainee.jpg

Name: Miss Stephanie Bonner

Role: Trainee Teacher (Apprentice)

Miss H Rutter - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Miss Helen Rutter

Role: Teaching Assistant

Castleway Nursery White Background.png

Name: Miss Abbie Laurie

Role: Teaching Assistant

Miss S Smith - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Miss Susan Smith

Role: Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Gallagher - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Mrs. Mandy Gallagher

Role: Teaching Assistant

Miss L Barclay - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Name: Miss Leigh Barclay

Role: Teaching Assistant


Name: Mrs. Sarah Eccles

Role: Teaching Assistant

Mr J Davies - Sports Coach.jpeg

Name: Mr. Joey Davies

Role: Sports Coach

Miss S Ashton - Midday Assistant and Cleaner.jpg

Name: Miss Stephanie Ashton

Role: Midday Assistant



Castleway North,
Wirral, CH46 1RN


Mrs. K. Kay Business Manager



Mrs. J. McCarthy SENDCo


We are a Federation of 2 schools: In September 2022, Castleway Nursery School joined Castleway Primary School on the same site after significant refurbishment works from the Local Authority.